Saturday, December 11, 2010


Welcome, I am a mother with 2 children. My oldest is 5 and my youngest is now almost 5 months old. My son, who is 5 has been vaccinated up until the age of 2. He also suffers from allergies. I will not be getting him vaccinated anymore. My little girl, at 5 months has not had anything except for the Vitamin K injection at birth. This was only given due to me have Cholestasis while pregnant with her and her blood clotting factor being low. Both of my children have been extremely pleasant babies and are the light of my life. I must say, I am one lucky momma to have two children that LOVE their sleep!! :)

I will be posting links on here for people to read about the harm and danger of the current vaccines out there today. I will also post some of my personal experiences on the subject. I am by no means in anyway schooled on this subject, I have done my research and feel there is a vast amount of knowledge out there if people would just open their eyes, minds, and souls without just doing as our "health" officials are telling us to do without questioning them.

I love you all and honestly just looking for peace on our planet!!

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