Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dirt & Germs are our friends!!!

Not only are a lot of things in our world depressing, but there also seems to be a rise in depressed people. There are known microorganisms in our dirt, food, and stomachs that will naturally keep the inflammation in your body at bay. Well, in todays day and age we live amongst quite the germ-a-phobe type. Instead of staying inside with video games, movies, and whatever else you might be doing. There is a need to be outside. The need is to stay healthy and get your Vitamin D exposure and your exposure to those little microorganisms that are out there naturally to help us!! Would you rather be healthy from what is put here on this Earth for us to absorb or would you rather absorb drugs that are created from chemical A, B, and C?? I am pretty sure I have not seen a commercial about the Sun or Dirt and the adverse side effects you have to pay close attention to that seems to be a mile long for every prescription on the market currently. Here is a link about the increase of Depression currently and is believed to be caused from having a "too clean" environment..

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