Saturday, December 11, 2010

Our Immune System

Do you know how our immune system works? How it fights off bacteria and viruses that enter our body?

It is a complex beast if you will. Our immune system has two main parts the Th1 and Th2. 

* Th1 - leads with the first and most important immune response, to sense and eliminate an incoming disease.
* Th2 - then creates the antibodies and memory of the disease.

Babies are born with immature immune systems in which their Th2 is dominant but once it strengthens, the dominance switches to the Th1 permanently. This is where breastfeeding will help build their immune system through the mothers breast milk.
So, usually bacterias and infectious matter enters through either your nose or mouth, triggering your Th1 response, which normally combats them effectively. ** HOWEVER, due to vaccines not entering your body in the same manner as if you were to contract the illness naturally, they are INJECTED through your skin, thus they bypass your Th1 response. Now because the Th1 Response was bypassed by the injection, your Th2 is now being ran in OVERHAUL. Because this has happened the Th2 has now become dominant and has suppressed the crucial Th1 response. When this happens it can result in some of the following issues...

autoimmune disease (eg juvenile diabetes)
 allergic disorders (eg eczema, asthma&life threatening anaphylactic allergies to everyday foods)
 frequent infections (eg colds and ear infections)

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